2017 Mission Team Trip to the Quad Cities
Memorial Christian Church (DOC) invites Mission Teams from all over the United States to come to the Quad Cities to partner with us to touch nearly 400,000 people through servant evangelism.

We believe God is going to do something even greater in 2017, so the question is…
Will you consider bringing a mission team to the Quad Cities to serve
with MCC in the summer of 2017?

This mission trip will have an incredible impact on your team and church and here’s why…
  • Your team will get to spend 6 nights and 7 days experiencing the beautiful Midwestern community  of the Quad Cities and reaching thousands through servant evangelism
  • Your team will learn about new ideas for reaching people that you’ll be able to take back and use in your community
  • Your team will be challenged and this trip will bring a great deal of momentum to your church
  • Your team will have a blast together while serving in the Quad Cities!
So, are you ready to bring a mission team to the Quad Cities?!
This could be the trip of a lifetime, don’t miss out!!

If you would like more information, contact Pastor Chuck Dorsey at pastorchuck@ymail.com or
call 309.644.0293.
Mission Trip FAQs
What will my mission team be doing?
Each team will be doing Servant Evangelism for the entirety of the trip. You will be showing God’s love to thousands in the Quad Cities through simply giving away free bottles of water or granola bars, along with invite cards to The Gathering at MCC.

How long is the mission trip?
The mission trip is from Saturday - Thursday. There will be a Servant Evangelism Orientation (led by an MCC pastor) on the Saturday of your arrival and your team will come to one of The Gathering services on Sunday. There will be projects scheduled Monday-Thursday and there will be no projects scheduled on Friday.

What are the housing options for my team?
Our staff will direct you in contacting some excellent and affordable housing options for your team. There are a few mission house locations in the Quad Cities that are options for your team to stay at.

Will there be an orientation for my team?
Yes - when your team arrives on Saturday, our staff will lead an orientation that will give you everything you need to know during your trip. You and your team will also be able to ask any questions at this orientation!

How long is each day of the mission trip?
There will be 3-4 servant evangelism projects scheduled on Monday - Thursday. The projects will start at 9:00 am and will end at 4:30 pm. Your evenings will be open to enjoy the Quad Cities!

What about the cost?
Each person on your team is responsible for paying Memorial Christian Church $350 for the cost of ministry supplies.  Your team will be reaching thousands through servant evangelism; therefore, a large amount of servant evangelism supplies (granola bars, bottles of water, invite cards) are needed!!

What else is my team responsible for paying?
Your team is responsible for paying for travel to the Quad Cities, breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. Also, any leisure activities are the responsibility of your team.

When are our team costs due?
A $500 deposit is due to secure your team on our calendar. Then, half of your total team costs for ministry supplies will be due 2 months prior to your trip date. The final costs for your team will be due 1 month prior to your team's arrival.

How many people should be on my mission team?
Bring a team of 10, 20, 30, or 40 people!!

How will I travel during our time in the Quad Cities?
City buses!! Or, your own transportation you came here in.

Where will we do our servant evangelism projects?
All servant evangelism projects will be outdoors at parks, squares, and other busy locations around Rock Island, Moline, and Davenport. 

Is the Quad Cities a safe place?
Absolutely! All of your servant evangelism projects will be at busy and safe locations that are approved by MCC’s staff.

Anything special that my team should bring?
Comfortable shoes, a bag to carry any belongings, and rain gear in case it rains.

Will my team have time to do some sight-seeing?
Definitely - your team will have most of Sunday, each evening during the week, and Friday open to have fun as a team in the Quad Cities.

What's my next step for scheduling a mission trip?
Contact Pastor Chuck Dorsey (pastorchuck@ymail.com) to discuss dates for bringing a mission team. A $500 deposit (non-refundable) is required in order to secure your mission team on our calendar.