Animal Totems- Receive the Gifts They Have For You

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Your Animal Totems could be considered as your imaginary guides along your journey. These Animal Totems can be referred to as Power Animals. Each one gives you a special energy or power that will enhance your life. In order to know yourself better and own yourself better, you need to know about 333 meaning money

Native Americans learned about the lives of animals and how they found mates, found food, and protected their own health by studying them closely. The magic of dreams was also said to be a characteristic of bears, which hibernated in the winter. Bear Energy also referred to physical power and strength.

It is interesting to see how different cultures (not just Native Americans!) have developed similar interpretations for each individual animal.

Spiritual Energies

Native Americans used Shamans, along with other cultures, to help them connect to the Earth and with the power the animals. These Shamen would use dreams and visions to connect with “manitou”, the animal spirits. The primal spiritual energy of an animal is called the manitou. It can be wolfness (deerness), foxness…etc.

A manitou was a special type of manitou that a human being could be attuned to. These were their animal totems.

The vision quests were the best way for them to discover their totems. But sometimes they made themselves known through other means. One example is when you are attacked by a wild animal. This was believed to be a sign that your animal totem has chosen you.

Spiritual and physical Qualities

Each animal has its own unique qualities. These are the qualities of your personal Animal Totems. They could be something you connect with, feel a profound affinity towards, or need more.

Here are some descriptions of the characteristics of a few animals. Pay attention. One of these could be your Animal Totems.

Skunk: Selfconfidence, selfesteem, self respect, creativity, paying attention to intuition, and inner knowings

Alligator, Power to Survive, Keeper of Ancient Wisdom, Clairvoyance

Cat: Magic, mystery & curiosity.

Frog: The ability to see in all directions. It is also a symbol of physical and emotional cleansing. Metamorphosis.

Shark: Peacefulness, solitude, emotional transformation and power of protection

Your Animal Totems guide and protect throughout your life. You can surround yourself with images and photos of an animal that you are drawn to, or a animal that speaks strongly. This will let the animal know you are open to them.

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