Quick Answer: Who Is The Leader Of The Christian Church In Miami?

Also, he is the founder of the University of the Supernatural Ministry (USM). He has a doctorate in Christian counseling and a master’s degree in practical theology.

Guillermo Maldonado (pastor)

Guillermo Maldonado
Maldonado on stage during the CAP leadership conference in Miami, Florida, in October 2016.
Born 1965 or 1966 (age 54) Honduras


Is Pastor Maldonado married?

1988. 2020. /: Is Pastor Maldonado married? Where is Pastor Guillermo Maldonado from?

What happened to Fellowship Church in Miami?

In October 2007 the campus relocated to in a new facility west of downtown Fort Worth, near the museum district, was renamed Fellowship Church Fort Worth. In 2006 FC opened a fourth campus and its first outside the DFW area, Fellowship Church Miami in South Miami. South Miami Campus has been closed as of March 2021.

What is Kenneth Copeland’s net worth?

Copeland has amassed significant wealth during his career, and has referred to himself as a “very wealthy man”. Beliefnet has estimated his net worth at $760 million.

What is the New Apostolic Reformation movement?

The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) is a movement which seeks to establish a fifth branch within Christendom, distinct from Catholicism, Protestantism (which includes Pentecostalism), Oriental Orthodoxy, and Eastern Orthodoxy.

What percent of Miami is Catholic?

Religions Of The People Of Miami In 2014, Christianity was the most dominant religion in Miami with a percentage of 69% of the population. 40% of these Christians profess Protestantism, and 29% were Catholics.

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How many Catholic churches are there in Miami?

The archdiocese includes 118 parishes and missions divided into 10 deaneries. The oldest church in Miami is the Gesu built in 1896. Other notable churches include St. Patrick Church in Miami Beach, completed in 1929.

What happened to Fellowship Church Norman?

NORMAN — A prominent metro-area house of worship has become a satellite church for a Dallas, Texas-based ministry. Journey Church, 3801 Journey Parkway, will become the Norman satellite for Fellowship Church, led by the Rev. Ed Young.

Who is Dianna Nepstad?

Dianna Nepstad pastors Fellowship which is an incredibly diverse, multi-cultural local Church outside of San Francisco, California alongside her husband, Shaun. She is a unique communicator who uses her life to teach biblical truth as she builds people.

Who is Albert Tate?

Albert Tate is the founder and lead pastor of Fellowship Monrovia. From Sweet Home Church of Christ Holiness USA in Pearl, Mississippi to Lake Avenue Church in Pasadena, California, Albert Tate has been preaching the Gospel to people of all ages and races.

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