Menu Planning For Better Nutrition

Are you worried about your family’s food habits? Eating too much of the wrong food? Too much fast food? Finding healthy snacks for your kids hard to come by? These tips can help you precooked meal prep services that are easy and will ensure your family receives better nutrition.

It’s a good idea to list all your family’s favorite meals, even if you don’t know how to begin. Grab a piece of blank paper and draw a line from the top to the bottom across the page. Then, start writing your list. In the left column, list family meals that need extra preparation or take longer to cook. You can also note the easy and quick meals in the right column.

What length are your lists? If there are more than 20 meals on your list, it should be possible to plan your menu for a whole month. However, if you have a more particular family, you might only plan for one or two week at a time. FYI: Crockpots are great because you can just add the ingredients to it on the way to work in the morning and return to your home with a freshly cooked meal. You can also double your recipe whenever you cook a meal. Give the first half to your loved ones and freeze the other half to make a quick and easy meal for the next day.

Next, grab your family calendar. Note the most busy days and take note of them. Next, you will need to add the meals that are simple for crazy days in the right-hand column. Next, add the remaining meals on your list for the days. Now you have a plan. Keep a copy for each month. Or, you can go wild and change it from month-to-month, depending on your preference. Simple things like a Rotation Menu plan can help you and your family eat better and be less stressed.

Check your calendar once more. Some meals can be prepared the night before. To remind yourself, write down a note (or use a symbol) the day you have planned this meal. To make this work, you will need to check your calendar every night and actually do the prep work.

You can now easily make your grocery shopping lists once you have your menu plan in place. How many ingredients do you need for each meal? Keep track of them. This will help you save time and energy. You can even sort your list according the aisle layout at your local grocery store if you are interested in efficiency.

Do you need more motivation? You still think it’s impossible? These resources are for you if you are like me and hate cooking.

With some girls, plan a night out for the ladies. Get together at Dream Dinners and Entrees in Lexington to create delicious meals for the month. While it may be more expensive than going grocery shopping yourself, it is much cheaper than dining out. This will save you energy, time, and stress. It will also likely result in healthier meals for your family. In my opinion, it’s worth it!

Order groceries online using a delivery company. offers a wide range of food options and can save you time, effort, and frustration when it comes to getting to the grocery shop to buy groceries. You’ll have to pay more for convenience but these services can be your saving grace if it’s not possible to go to the store as often.

You can have someone else take care of all the planning. Sign up online for free weekly menu plans, corresponding recipe and grocery shopping list at Wovenfare. This is the best solution for those who struggle to create a plan. Follow the instructions to create delicious meals your family will love by simply reading the pre-made shopping lists.

You don’t need to be held responsible for making a plan. Join the Organizing Junkie with her “Meal Plan Tuesday” series. This series features many other women, so you are sure to gain great meal planning tips. What’s the best part? Each week, you’ll actually follow your meal plan!

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