Methods for Treating Hard Water

The four main categories of hard water treatment are determined by Best Water Distillers. They all reduce, inhibit, and eliminate limescale. Each method has its benefits and drawbacks. Here’s a brief overview of how each one works, which category they belong to, how they work and what their disadvantages are.

(1) Physical Water Conditioners

Physical water conditioners, which are called so because they physically alter hard water properties to reduce or remove limescale formation, can be found in three types: electronic, electrolytic, and magnetic.

1a) Electronic water conditioning, also known by electronic descalers or limestone inhibitors, typically consist of one or two coils wrapped around pipework and a small, box-sized electronics box.

What are they? Electronic conditioners transmit radio frequency signals or audio frequencies to water through induction coils placed around pipes. This prevents limescale from building up in the pipes and reduces scale over time. It is possible for softer scale to form on shower heads, taps, and other surfaces. However, this is much easier than cleaning.

The advantages: Electric descalers are very affordable compared to other hardwater treatment methods. They offer a cost-effective way to solve limescale problems. Easy installation is possible because there’s no plumbing required. You can drink the water safe because you don’t have to add anything to it.


1b) The electrolytic water conditioners must be connected to the water system. These can be ordered with 15mm to 22mm or 28mm ends connectors to match the pipework.

What they are: An electrolytic conditioner contains two different metals, usually copper and zinc. These metals act as a catalyst and an anode. The electrolytic electron that flows from cathode through anode causes water to be dissolved in small quantities by the metal ions. The positively charged scale is dissipated and the metal ions form particles.

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