Japanese Knives in the Kitchen

Japanese knives near me have a long history dating back to over a thousand year and were inspired by the legendary swords of the samurai. The secret to this incredible Japanese knife lies in how it is made. It is composed of a core containing soft iron. This adds flexibility to the knife’s blade and strength. The exterior is Tamahagane (high carbon steel) which is world-renowned because it can hold an edge so razor sharp it is “unforgettable!”

First thing you’ll notice about your new piece in forged iron artwork is how light it feels! Japanese knives are only half the size of their European counterparts. They are half the weight of Western-made knives. This means that they can be used with great agility. It is possible to master Japanese knives with precision and mastery. However, they are more difficult to master than European knives, but their performance is unbeatable by an experienced user.

Because of their light weight they are safer than Western knives. Are they any safer because they are sharper? The truth is, the thinner and sharper the blades, the safer they are.

Japanese knives can only be washed with conventional dish detergents. The best kitchen cutlery is high quality. Don’t buy the cheapest knife. You will eventually wear it out and need to replace. A set Japanese knives made of high quality will last a lifetime.