How to Buy Your Favorite Steinway Piano

Musicians have hundreds of instruments. Only those that are unique can last the test. Steinway pianos are highly regarded as a musical instrument that has brought great joy to many of the world’s most prominent musicians. These pianos are frequently used in concert settings and other musical areas. These can be purchased in a variety of brands with different features. The variety of choices available can overwhelm you when you first visit a used piano store. Here are some tips to help you ensure the Steinway piano you choose meets your needs. These are listed below.

The physical size

Different Steinway pianos are available in different sizes. Before you make your purchase, ensure that you have enough space. If you ensure that there is enough space available, it will be less likely that you return the piano to the piano store because it doesn’t fit. You should remember that even though the piano may be large, that does not mean that it is more feature-rich. You should also consider that not all brands are large and can fit within your space.

Touch Sensitivity

This is something you should consider before you buy Steinway pianos. You should settle for those with weighted key keys if you’re looking for the best. These keys can deliver different sounds depending on how hard they are played. You should also remember that they are usually more expensive. Before you buy, make sure to visit other piano shops and compare their prices.


You should also consider the number of keys that each piano has before you make your decision. Standard pianos have eighty-eight keys. The fifty two keys are white, while the thirty six black keys are. This covers seven octaves. If you want to get the most from your purchase, this is the way to go. This applies only if you’re purchasing it for a small child. In that case, forty-eight to sixty-one keys may be sufficient.

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