Who is Raiden’s twin sister?

Since her release in Inazuma as the Electro Archon, Raiden Shogun is making a lasting impression on Genshin Impact’s players. While most players are familiar with Raiden Ei and her puppets, many still have questions about Raiden Makoto, the former Electro Archon. Click this link https://www.simplyhindu.com/brief-char-for-raiden-shogun-and-her-build-guide/.

Raiden Makoto, an ex-Electro Archon, is a key figure in the events of Genshin Impact. Makoto has a warm demeanor and a lot more to Makoto than meets the eye. This is all Genshin Impact players should know about Inazuma’s former Archon.

Raiden Makoto, a former Electro Archon is the twin sister to Raiden Ei. Makoto, in contrast to Ei’s stressed personality was known for being a peaceful and calm goddess.

This creates a balanced dynamic between the two of them. Makoto was more interested in diplomatic pursuits, Ei was a martial arts artist. During Makoto’s reign, Ei was Makoto’s general. However, they were close. Ei was isolated in the Plane of Euthymia because Makoto died.

Inazuma provided more information about the Cataclysm that any other region. Fans learned more about Raiden Makoto’s contribution during the Cataclysm. Raiden Makoto was killed in the Cataclysm at Khaenri’ah.

The Raiden Shogun’s second story quest revealed that Makoto was a peace-loving goddess who also had a strong sense for responsibility. Makoto was able to deny going to Khaenri’ah in the Cataclysm because of this sense. Makoto, the sister who had left Ei in Inazuma to go to Khaenri’ah during the Cataclysm, died in Ei’s arms.

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